Pioneering deep tech innovations in AI and IoT


We are iOiO Lab

In today’s fast-changing business landscapes, companies need to constantly innovate with digital solutions to stay competitive.

At iOiO Lab, we help clients transform by adopting an innovation-led approach to deliver bespoke digital solutions specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Who we are

Forward-thinking technologists with a business growth mindset

We test and develop cutting-edge solutions through constant research and development (R&D). Our passion for invention and excellence drives us to anticipate new digitalisation demands and advance business redesign through innovation.
What we do

We innovate solutions to improve your processes

From system architecture design, application UX design and development, to system implementation and testing, we conduct each phase of R&D with meticulous rigour and precision. These studies are done with proof of concept and prototyping to determine what works and what we can refine. Through observation, studies, and exchanges, we turn industry knowledge into valuable insights to identify opportunities for your business.
Our process

How we enable business to innovate and scale

1. Brief Analysis
When a new brief is shared, we analyse its objectives, requirements, and restrictions.
2. A Business Design Approach
We approach the brief with an objective in mind: Our solution should drive your processes and create value for your business.
3. Research & Solution Discovery
Leveraging our constant R&D processes, we derive the best solution to meet your requirements.
4. Creation & Realisation
We kick off production work while keeping you in the loop.
5. Optimisation
We implement and test the solution to ensure that it meets your long-term goals.