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With an array of options at our fingertips, you are bound to find the right tools to meet your organisation's objective.

Our suite of solutions

Digital solutions with process automation

Depending on the unique requirements of each client's business, our range of solutions offers various advantages and opportunities for growth.

Our suite of solutions have been derived from our consistent R&D efforts and astute understanding of business needs in an era of digitalisation.

Smart Video Management Solution

Optimise business processes with data tracking and analytics
  • Fire Imaging Recognition: Reduces workforce costs while ensuring safety is not compromised
  • Sabotage Detection: Detects camera faults and sabotage
  • Heat Map: Monitors human density within an area
  • People Counting: Monitors the flow of foot traffic in an area
  • Face Detection: Often used in retail for targeted marketing

Smart Traffic Monitoring Solution

Track visitor trends and flows with accuracy

Our solution receives signals through Bluetooth-enabled equipment, Wi-Fi and telecommunication devices to track visitor trends and flows with accuracy. An analytics dashboard captures and analyses data to help you optimise your business processes.


Smart Mesh Solution

Pushing out marketing content

This private mesh network covers an area with a highly efficient connection, allowing multiple devices to communicate seamlessly. Often developed with interactivity in mind for end users, this solution is particularly useful in pushing out marketing content.

Integrated Solution

A unique brief requires a customised solution

With a clear directive, we take on the challenge to explore a range and complexity of technology that is most suitable for your business.